15 Homemade Hypoallergenic Dog Food Recipes


Is your dog suffering from severe itching, hot spots, constant licking, constipation and diarrhea known as dog food allergies? Have you considered homemade hypoallergenic dog food recipes as a solution? If not, checkout the 15 homemade hypoallergenic dog food recipes we have here. Is a great way to stop dog food allergies.

15 Homemade Hypoallergenic Dog Food Recipes

Picture: Proud Dog Mom

1. Banana Coconut Frosty Bones

Using some Coconut Oil, Peanut Butter, and just a little Ginger – these pack a super healthy punch of essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. But more importantly, your dog will absolutely love them. With 3 Ingredients and made in just a few minutes (plus some time to freeze) – it doesn’t get any easier than this.

Get the recipe here: Banana Coconut Frosty Bones

2. DIY Frozen Apple Dog Treats

Sticking with our theme of frozen treats we have apple and plain yogurt – that’s it! Super delicious, packed with healthy probiotics, and some extra fiber to boot. Frozen treats are great as a summer treat to cool off with.

Get the recipe here: DIY Frozen Apple Dog Treats

3. Hypoallergenic Sweet Potato Dog Treats

There is beauty in simplicity, and the less ingredients you use the less likely your dog is to have an allergic reaction. Dogvilles does a perfect job by making sweet potato “jerky”, topped with a little olive oil and cinnamon. They’re very easy to make, and I can attest that my dog absolutely loves these treats.

Get the recipe here: Hypoallergenic Sweet Potato Dog Treats                          Picture: Damn Delicious 

4. Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats

Butters and Ollie are some very lucky Corgis – they have pro baker and chef Chungah to make bake them some amazing looking treats. Using just 4 ingredients, and with a little love, she created beautiful baked healthy treats that I’m sure your dog will appreciate. Also, I won’t judge you if you decide to sneak a few for yourself.

Get the recipe here: Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats

5. Zucchini Chews

Here’s something I never would have thought of – creating Zucchini “Jerky”. It makes perfect sense though, it’s a super healthy snack that’s easy to make. Simple slice it up, add a little extra flavoring as needed, and stick it into the often for a few hours. Keep in mind the recipe does ask for Chicken Bouillon, so if you’re dog has a chicken allergy (or you’re unsure) just skip that part.

Get the recipe here: Zucchini Chews

6. Holiday Dog Treats: PB & Ginger Snaps

Is your fur baby feeling the holiday spirit? You can celebrate with some amazing peanut butter ginger snaps that I promise you’ll both enjoy. I think it’s pretty safe to say that all dogs love peanut butter, so this one will be a home run.

Get the recipe here:Holiday Dog Treats: PB & Ginger Snaps                    Picture: Golden Barrel

7. Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Dog Treats

Another simple yet beautiful looking treat, this recipe only uses 3 ingredients and about 15 minutes of your time. Coconut oil, Peanut Butter, and a touch of Cinnamon – I won’t blame you for sneaking a few.

Get the recipe here: Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Dog Treats

8. Dried Banana Chews

Sugar the Golden Retriever shares her favorite treats – Chewy Banana Treats! And it doesn’t get any easier than this, peel a banana, cut it length-wise, and place in the oven. For a few dollars you can get a full stack of tasty treats that are perfect for any dog. Sugar would have wanted all pups around the world to try her favorite recipe

Get the recipe here: Dried Banana Chews

9. Almond Oatmeal Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

What’s better than Peanut Butter? Almond butter – now we’re talkin, it has more manganese and calcium than PB, and it adds some new amazing flavors. Now the recipe does use eggs, so if your dog has a chicken allergy this may cause a reaction… but I haven’t found any evidence that chicken allergies mean you’re automatically allergic to eggs as well.


Get the recipe here: Almond Oatmeal Hypoallergenic Dog Treats     Picture: DogVills

10. Banana Oatmeal Hypoallegenic Dog Treats

Another super simple, and super delicious recipe from Dogvills. The best part is you probably already have these ingredients in your home, and they only take 25 minutes to make – so let’s get cooking

Get the recipe here: Banana Oatmeal Hypoallegenic Dog Treats

11. Frozen Fall Pumpkin Treats

Pumpkin, yogurt, and peanut butter – that actually sounds pretty good. I’m sure by now you may have noticed the theme around here is dominated by Peanut Butter, but that’s a good thing! Now freeze it with a little pumpkin and plain yogurt and you’ve got an easily digestive and probiotic punch. Just remember to use All Natural Peanut Butter.

Get the recipe here: Frozen Fall Pumpkin Treats

12. Almond Oatmeal Hypoallergenic Dog Treats  

This is one of our most popular recipes because it is so easy and yummy enough even pet owners might want to sneak a bite or two.  These are so simple you can get the kids involved helping you make them for your puppy.  Even better you can make extra batches and store in the freezer for later if you prefer.

Almond Oatmeal Hypoallergenic Dog Treats Recipes

Get the recipe here: Almond Oatmeal Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

13. Banana Oatmeal Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

Only 3 simple common pantry ingredients and you have a delicious dog treat that your puppies will love.  I adore how easy this is to make, and of course how inexpensive it is.  It is true that minimal ingredients make the best treats.

Banana Oatmeal Hypoallergenic Dog Treats Recipes

Get the recipe here:Banana Oatmeal Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

14. Hypoallergenic Chicken Biscuit Dog Treats

Everyone loves Chicken Biscuit treats, and so will your dog!  Gluten free and hypoallergenic, this recipe contains just a few simple pantry ingredients and is super easy to put together for your favorite dog.  It’s a great recipe to make and share with your friends puppies.  Kids love using cookie cutters to make the cute dog bone shape of these treats, or you can use any shape you want to make it a fun and yummy treat!

Hypoallergenic Chicken Biscuit Dog Treats

Get the recipe here: Hypoallergenic Chicken Biscuit Dog Treats

15. Pumpkin Oat Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

Everyone loves pumpkin, and so will your dog.  These simple treats go together in just a few minutes with a handful of simple ingredients from your pantry.  They are chewy and perfect for any dog or puppy to have as a special treat after a job well done.  Pumpkin is often thought of as a seasonal food, but it’s great year round for humans and dogs!

Pumpkin Oat Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

Get the recipe here: Pumpkin Oat Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

These homemade hypoallergenic dog food recipes are sure to make your puppy happy, and not break the bank.  Without spending tons of money on ingredients or specialty products, you can provide your puppy with delicious treats that are healthy for them and won’t cause any reactions.

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