Quick And Easy Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Ideas


Are you dog owners and struggling to come up with which type of food to feed your puppy? Check out this article about the quick and easy healthy homemade dog food recipes ideas for your dog.

Quick And Easy Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Ideas

With the recent pet food scare and health concerns for the pet food that is purchased in stores, many people have decided that homemade pet food is a good idea.

The recent pet food scare revealed that no matter how much money a person spends on their pet food all the pet foods come from the same manufacturers and if any of the food is poisoned in processing all of it will be poisoned.

People value their pets highly, feeling like they are truly a part of the family and no one wants to be feeding their pet food that is possibly poisoned or even unhealthy.

For people who want to make their own dog food, there are many quick and easy homemade dog food recipes available on the internet and in pet care books and magazines.

Most dogs are easy to please and will enjoy the homemade food immensely. In fact, the owner may have to be careful to see that the dog is not overeating because the food tastes so good.

homemade dog food recipes ideas

Basic Homemade Dog Food Recipe Ingredients

Most foods that people eat can be used in homemade dog food recipes. The basics of these recipes usually include some type of protein.

Chicken, fish, lamb, pork, beef, milk, cheese, and eggs are all great sources of protein. People who hunt game animals such as deer and elk are also great protein sources and are lower in fat than other meats.

Turkey is a good source of protein but it has been found that some dogs may be susceptible to the high concentrations of tryptophan in the turkey.

For the pet owners who have never given their dog’s turkey, they should try it out in small quantities to see if there is a problem.

Other homemade dog food recipe ingredients should include whole grains such as oats and brown rice and all types of vegetables.

Most dogs love vegetables such as green beans and cooked carrots especially if they are mixed with meats and grains. ( hmdi )

Legumes are also a good ingredient to use in homemade dog food recipes. Beans and peas are high in protein, high in fiber, and low in fat.

Creating a mixture with a few or many of these ingredients and using broth to moisten it will make most dogs feel like they are really special.

Ingredients To Avoid In Homemade Dog Food Recipes

There are several foods that are somewhat controversial in relation to dogs. If a person is concerned about a certain food they should check with their veterinarian.

Foods such as grapes, peanut butter, mushrooms, and chocolate are reported to be bad for dogs. It is important for a pet owner to be careful to avoid foods that may be harmful.

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