Homemade Raw Dog Food, The Healthy Option For Your Dog


Have you tried homemade raw dog food for your dog yet? If not, this article reveals why homemade raw dog food is the healthy option for your puppy. Do not forget to share it with your friends.

Foods for dogs come in heaps of sizes and shapes and picking the ideal food for your pet is one of the most essential decisions that you have to make.

Homemade Raw Dog Food, The Healthy Option For Your Dog

There is an abundance of dog foods. It includes dry kinds, dry mixers, tinned foods, frozen types, and dog foods or also known as the barf diet.

You are also flooded with different variances such as natural, organic, and those that contain additives and preservatives. Thus, choosing the right kind of food for your beloved pet is confusing.

However, pet experts and veterinarians lessen that confusion since they all agree that raw dog food comes as the best pick for providing a healthy, happy, and long life to your pet dog.

Raw dog foods are also easy to prepare, with ingredients that are simple and every day to find. Often, preparing for raw dog food does not entail going to the supermarket.

To prepare for a good serving of raw dog food, begin by paying keen attention and measurements to starch, vegetable, and meat ingredients. Veterinarians have the same opinion that all dog foods, counting the raw ones, must have thirty percent of vegetables, thirty percent of starch, and forty percent of meat.

Vegetables that are ideal for making homemade raw dog foods include yams, zucchini, broccoli, yellow squash, and carrots. If needed, you can puree these first to ensure a chewable and easy-digested food especially the broccoli and yams.

The next consideration in preparing raw dog food is meat-type selection. You can opt for kidneys or livers, stew-sized lamb or beef chunks, breast or ground turkey fillets, and lean chuck beef.

Additionally, several veterinarians recommend mixing the homemade raw dog food with supplements like vitamins and minerals, as well as oils like flaxseed because this may add necessary fatty acids.

The final consideration when making raw dog food is the starch ratio. Soaked oatmeal and barley flakes are excellent starch options for any recipe of raw dog foods.

Avoid the use of beans, corn, and other wheat-based starches because, in both cooked and raw forms, these kinds of starches will bother the digestive tract of most dog breeds.

If you follow these simple steps, it will bring you to a tasting and enticing recipe of raw dog food. You can make and feed it once to twice every week, thereby entailing you to store heaps of one in your refrigerator.

To prevent spoiling which might result in poisoning, replace the dog bowl once in twenty minutes if your pet does not consume a selection.

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